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It's a strange courage you give me, ancient star;

shine alone in the sunrise, toward which you lend no part!

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22 August 1985
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new paradigms; digifaith's journal
Name: Amanda;
Nicknames: DigiFaith, Faith, ShirokiRyuu, Aevintyra, but not Mandy;
Age: twenty-nine;
Occupation: Software person, Christian, and occasionally writer;
Base of operations: Dayton, Ohio, USA;
polymorphism; digifaith's loves
Hobbies: Programming, gaming, web design, graphics; reading, writing, NaNoWriMo; art, crafting, cross-stitch, cosplay; listening to music, playing StepMania;
TCGs: Yuugiou, Magic: the Gathering, Digimon, Pokemon;
Other Games: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, MapleStory, One Must Fall: 2097, Cave Story, Super Smash Brothers, Neopets, Fly the Copter, Mario Kart DS;
Fandoms: Yuugiou, Yuugiou 5D's, Digimon, Sherlock Holmes, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist;
Characters: Kaiba Seto, Mutou Yuugi, Yami, Kaiba Mokuba, Kaiba Noa, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Yuugiou); Ishida Yamato, Yagami Taichi, Ichijouji Ken (Digimon); Sherlock Holmes, John Watson (Sherlock Holmes); Andros, Zhane, DECA, Ziggy Grover (Power Rangers); Severus Snape, Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter); Suou Tamaki, Ootori Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club);
OTPs: Rivalshipping, Prideshipping, Puzzleshipping, Darksideshipping (Yuugiou); Narumitsu (Phoenix Wright); Tomato (Digimon); TamakixHaruhi, TamakixKyouya (Ouran High School Host Club); Royai (Fullmetal Alchemist);
Music: Anime, J-pop, jazz, soft rock, 4Tops, NewS, KAT-TUN, Johnny's Entertainment, WaT, JAM Project, Hirai Ken, Wada Kouji, WANDS, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Michael W. Smith, Kenny Loggins, John Tesh;
instances; digifaith @ lj
writing/winamp skins @ towardtruth;
roleplay journal @ xlightnshadow;
I've been pwned by Kaiba Seto @ domino_uni;
Stamped as Kaiba Seto @ ygo_rating;
Stamped as Izumi Koushiro @ digi_rating;
Stamped as a Twilight and Autumn elemental @ elementals_;
profile layout modified from reversescollide; title image from xkcd; moodtheme by wickedground

Holding on for a hero
"totally legal" fireworks, 4tops, :-), a.b.c., ace attorney, alan bradley, andros, blue badger, blue-eyes white dragon, books, c#, card games, catholicism, cats, christianity, chronicles of narnia, clu, colin mochrie, colm wilkinson, computer science, computers, crafts, d-m's digimon rpg, d-wheels, dance dance revolution, darksideshipping, derp, digimon, disc wars, drawing, duel monsters, eli stone, fight for the users, fly the copter, four tops, fullmetal alchemist, games, geekery, god, gravity-defying trenchcoats, greetings programs, gyakuten saiban, hanayome to papa, harry potter, hirai ken, holograms, ichijouji ken, igiari!, ikuta toma, ishida yamato, jam project, james tiberius kirk, javascript, jesus, john watson, johnny's entertainment, jpop, kaiba mokuba, kaiba noa, kaiba seto, kaminomi, kat-tun, katsuya jounouchi, kazama shunsuke, kevin flynn, lie to me, lightcycles, maplestory, michael crawford, miles edgeworth, mitsurugi reiji, music, mutou yuugi, nanowrimo, naruhodo ryuichi, narumitsu, nobuta wo produce, nu!trek, objection!, ocean's eleven, onmyou taisenki, ouran host club, paint shop pro, phantom of the opera, phoenix wright, pokemon, power rangers, power rangers in space, power rangers rpm, professor layton, programming, prosecuting, reading, role-playing, rpgs, saving the world, scheme, sherlock holmes, spider-man, spock, star trek, star wars, stardust dragon, stepmania, super special awesome, theology, tron, tsuda kenjirou, twewy, university of dayton, wacom tablets, walking, wat, web design, whose line, winning, writing, yotsubato!, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, yukan club, yuugiou, yuugiou 5d's, zhane

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